Working with Rosemarie on creating my new website has been incredibly delightful and easy compared to my other website building experiences. She is fast, responsive, clear and able to communicate tech stuff to a committed technophobe in a way that makes sense.

I loved that her word was her word – so often I feel I have been left hanging waiting for a response: never so with Fresh Approach and that has been refreshingly wonderful.

I love the result and am very grateful for the guidance and ‘can do’ attitude.
Inger Madsen, Helping Families be Happy Again

“It was a wonderful experience working with Rosemarie on my new website.  The whole process was fluid and there was a lot of exchange and interaction between us to ensure that everything was the way I wanted it.  Rosemarie explains things very clearly (as I’m a self diagnosed technophobe) which is super helpful for somebody new to certain elements of a website (online shop, newsletters, etc).  There was never a need to feel stressed as the minute I spotted something that wasn’t quite right, Rosemarie changed it and always seemed to understand where I was coming from.  Rosemarie also had lots of good recommendations and suggestions – for other people to work with and for things I could do with the site in the future. I would love to work with her again.”

Jeni, Soul Focus Therapy.

“Thanks so much for your work on my site, and your encouragement and flexibility!”

Katie Duckworth, Be the Change


“Working with Rosemarie has been a brilliant experience. She holds your hand through all the scary techie bits and helps you see that developing a website can be just like designing and growing a garden – which is a whole lot more fun than grappling with a scary monster or a huge complex machine, which is how it seemed to me before! She came up with lots of great ideas and was very generous with her expertise, walking me through many of the content-management tasks so that I can also make changes myself. I am thrilled with my new site and looking forward to working with Rosemarie again as my business evolves.”

Linda Anderson,

“Rosemarie Gant has produced my new site and on-line shop which has increased business already. She has suggested and introduced new features and has always been quick and efficient in carrying out any requests.

My site continues to introduce new products which go worldwide; this part of my business would not have been possible without Rosemarie who offers a truly professional service and one I recommend to other businesses without hesitation.”
J R Haynes

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