Basic WordPress Site Build

A starter site or something more?
  • Usually consisting of a home page, four sub-pages and a contact form this starter site can get you up and running whether you want a basic website to advertise your products or a fully fledged blog.
  • Most sites start from £450 but maybe you need something more simple with just one or two pages to start with.  Or maybe you have been on the web for a while a need to move up to the next stage with a shop or appointments booking system online.
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Regular update / maintenance plan

  • From £25 per month we can look after your site updates making sure those plugins and the main WordPress is always beautifully up to date and working at their best for you.
  • We advise all sites to use a backup plugin as well as the backup offered by your provider.  We also advise that sites run appropriate security plugins such as Wordfence. This plan includes a ‘repair time’ of 15 minutes if updates cause problems.  If a complex problem occurs you will be quoted a price for work needed.
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