Struggling with displaying content on your website?

If you are spending too much time getting
pages on your website to work the way you want
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Posts and pages are the backbone of your WordPress site and where all your content is displayed.  When you start developing your site they are probably fairly small in number and all well organised.  But as your site starts to develop they can become a little uncontrolled and start diving off in all sorts of directions you did not plan for.

Now you get extra ‘search engine points’ (SEO) for having ‘cornerstone content’ on your site.  What’s that and how do you organise it?  If you would like to know more about cornerstones or have experienced any of the following you might want to get in touch:

  • trouble with paragraph display – things too close together, too far apart or just looking “odd”
  • lack of flexibility in the fonts and colours you want to be able to use on your site
  • posts not displaying in the right order, or in the right place, or where you want them
  • confusion about what to create – should that be a post, a page, or something else?!
  • pictures that are too big, too small or that won’t sit correctly on the page
  • a tangle of old content muddled up with the new and creating a hazy picture of what you do instead of the clear image you have in mind


If you have spent too much time trying to sort out any of the above, get in touch

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