NC16: Top Three New plugins

As mentioned on the Facebook page, I started work yesterday on updating the directory entries for my sites – important for getting those “back links” back into your site from elsewhere.  However in a slight diversion for NC16 I just wanted to write a bit more about plugins.

There are literally thousands of plugins for WordPress and they all add some functionality, large or small, to your website.  At Fresh Approach we have a core of plugins that we always use and I have just found some new ones too courtesy of WP Tavern (thanks Sarah).  So here is my latest Top Three WordPress Plugins today!

Catch IDs: yes, thank you, what a great idea, show the ID of a page or post right there in your list of pages (or posts).  You need the ID when you are adding things to sliders, for example, or you need to reference it in a widget.  It’s not clearly shown in WordPress unless you hover over the title of the page or post you are interested in.  Then you have to look for the ID in the long link that appears at the bottom of the page.  With this plugin, it’s just there, easy to see.

One Click Close Comments: another must have.  Update March 2015 – this is no longer available.

Sharebar: I’ve been through my share of social media sharing plugins but I’m loving Sharebar at the moment.  It provides that nice bar on the left of my site so you can easily share the content, and just in case you miss it, it moves down as you read down the page.  Very slick.

Featured image column: And just one more.  I know I said three but I just love my plugins.  Featured image column – shows the featured image of your post on the left hand side of the post title on the post lists page.  Brilliant, particularly if you have a theme that makes great use of Featured images or you use them as part of your sharing strategy at the end of a post like I do.  With the Featured image column it’s so quick and easy to flick through and see which posts are missing their featured images.

So there we go, a few dashboard improvements today to make WordPress blogging more streamlined and fun.  Now back to directory entries for which I WILL write a post shortly :-)

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