About Me

rosemarie gant wordpress vaMy career has been spent in administration in some form or another. I started with a typewriter as a copy typist but when computers came in I found I had some affinity with them. I am not mathematical but I am a logical and methodical thinker. I found could work out how the computer systems worked.

I watched new staff being offered a computer instead of a typewriter but with no training to go along with it. So I started teaching lunchtime seminars on basic techniques such as Mailmerge in Word.

One lunchtime I was invited to see a demonstration of “The Internet” and thus began the career shift to developing websites alongside my administration work. After years of developing sites in HTML and then HTML / CSS, the first platforms for users to edit their own sites, without coding, became available. I quickly picked up on WordPress as being powerful but still very user-friendly.

Today I still have permanent contracts working in the health sector but run my freelance business part-time alongside this work. I help people develop new websites and update their current sites. WordPress remains a favored platform for its ease of use but I work with all sorts of sites including some still in HTML!

If you would like help with your website please get in touch.