Do you need to win that battle with your computer and organise your “life online”? You’re in the right place.


frustration“Argh! I’ve spent all morning trying to get this to work and now it’s gone all weird!”

JUST trying to… set up analytics, get this post looking great, add in that widget… you name it, the Web can drive you nuts at times.  If you just want to get that thing done and dusted so you can move on:

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I’m an online tech coach; a calm-er and restor-er when the tech world seems against you.

On this blog I talk about WordPress Essentials, a bit of WordPress Wizardry and some great tools that I love to use to complement my blog such as Evernote , Hootsuite, Buffer and MailChimp.

A WordPress blog or site makes it easy to publish your website content, but getting your content to look ‘just right’ can take quite a bit of time and effort – especially if you’re new to WordPress.

WordPress help for beginners

arthursittingLplates200If you’re just getting started with WordPress you probably don’t know all the fantastic options available to get the most from your website, so you might need help to:

  • keep your site properly updated and backed up
  • review plug-ins to ensure they are still up-to-date and working
  • ensure your site is running OK and has no broken links
  • add new features to your site to improve the user experience

Or maybe you just need a little help from time to time as you learn how to manage your WordPress site yourself.  Arthur the blog cat and I are here to help.  Take a look at the WordPress resources.

WordPress services for business

Keeping your website and online content current can take a good bite of productive time out of your day. Why not outsource it and reclaim that valuable time? I help my clients:

  • What is so great about WordPress?upload and format blogs and web content
  • carry out coding to optimise content
  • implement new themes and templates
  • sort out email newsletter sign-up forms, giveaways etc.
  • suggest website strategies to boost your site’s appearance and performance

So if managing your website is eating into your day – or you can’t honestly remember the last time you looked at/updated your website, perhaps it’s time to get in touch?

Let’s discuss making YOUR days more productive and your website more active!