WordPress VA and Website un-tangler aiming to get a balance between life and technology

rosemarie-gant-wordpress-angelDoes technology make you sigh?  Do you have ‘website envy’?  Do you look at other’s websites and wish yours could be like that?  Or read newsletters that seem effortlessly focussed, talking precisely to you – how do they do that?

I get you.  I’m here to help.

Hello – I’m Rosemarie Gant and I run a website business called Fresh Approach. If you would like to be more of a web weaver but just seem to be a web tangler then maybe we should talk. Websites, email newsletters, getting technology working for you rather than against you – that’s what I’m all about.

I am also a lover of bright shiny things so technology is a bit of a double edged sword for me.  I can easily get dragged in to spending hours in front of a screen when my heart and soul would rather give it a break and go walking with my ponies, gardening or playing with the family.

So this site is all about just that – balancing technology and life.  If you are a working parent then maybe that’s your challenge too.  Scroll down for some ideas, inspiration and thoughts on what I am currently working on as I bet some of it is stuff you are doing too.  We can crack this together.  Let’s go…

Fresh Approach Website Management


WordPress Angel

Need help with WordPress? Perhaps a new site? Perhaps just a tweak.  I’ll do what I can to help.  Try my WordPress articles or get in touch.

Work Life Balance

Looking for the balance, the Daily Blog follows my progress on my continuous tussle with technology.  See who’s winning today!

Online Organisation

So many tools so little time.  The internet is full of a myriad of online tools that promise instant organisation at the touch of a button.  Well maybe not quite but which ones work?